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Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, with a population of one million, is a vibrant, safe and welcoming city. A dynamic cultural life flourishes in the city, manifested in rich theatrical, musical, food and sporting traditions. The city boasts excellent galleries, museums and libraries. Dublin is a compact city with all the major attractions within comfortable walking distance.A young city demographically speaking, the social scene is geared toward young people, including over 100,000 students in its many educational institutions.

Our international study experience in Dublin offers a valuable halfway house between the sheltered university and the wider work environment. It offers an incentive to lifelong learning, not just education segmented in the university. Students’ engagement with Irish and European culture nourishes their sense of beauty and wonder as they can have close and personal encounters with great paintings, great books, great films, great architecture, great cities and great sporting occasions. Their culinary ambitions broaden, and their level of apprehension around foreign travel drops dramatically. International study fosters an awareness of the world that we all share and encounters with exciting and enriching cultural experiences.

We offer several programs to cater to any Notre Dame experience. There are semester offerings through the three major Dublin universities, summer programs, summer internships and postgraduate seminars.