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Notre Dame in Ireland

A natural outgrowth of Notre Dame’s Irish-American background was to establish a permanent presence in Ireland. In 1998, this was realized through the establishment of the Keough Naughton Notre Dame Centre. The Centre was initially based in Newman House, courtesy of a partnership agreement with University College Dublin. Newman House is indelibly associated with John Henry Cardinal Newman, the galvanizing force in founding the Catholic University there in 1852. Because Notre Dame embodies Newman’s vision of blending faith and intellect, locating the Dublin program in here was a form of homecoming, a return to the living roots of the Notre Dame tradition.

For the last twenty years, the Dublin Program has given our students the chance to study in the land of Joyce, Yeats, and Heaney. It has allowed them to experience a new Ireland – prosperous, increasingly diverse and (through the work of its artists, intellectuals and political leaders), increasingly influential in emphasizing human rights, peacemaking, and helping the world’s needy and suffering.

Notre Dame Dublin spearheads an expanding network of Notre Dame initiatives across Ireland.

Notre Dame Kylemore

Located in the Connemara region in the west of Ireland, Notre Dame Kylemore hosts ND students and faculty as they contemplate, research, and learn in a quintessentially Irish setting. Surrounded by dramatic landscape in the Connemara region, the Centre offers an idyllic setting to bring together scholars and students, Americans and Irish, the Church and academia. The Centre is located in an active Benedictine monastery and offers a true Irish immersion—opportunities to connect with the local community, to experience the culture, and to understand the history—all while living, studying, and praying within a faith-enriched space.

Founded in 2016, Notre Dame Kylemore is equipped with a 16-room residence hall, dining facilities and communal space, and is a frequent host to groups and individuals who wish to experience the richness of Ireland.

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Newman Centre for Faith and Reason

The University of Notre Dame has served as steward to the Newman University Church in Dublin since 2017, and has founded there the Notre Dame–Newman Center for Faith and Reason. Built by the Blessed John Henry Newman, then-rector of University College Dublin, the church opened in 1856 and has since been an iconic landmark in Dublin’s city center and a testament to the harmony of faith and reason.

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