Notre Dame International wins Ragan Communications award for innovative museum exhibit

Author: Colleen Wilcox


The University of Notre Dame's "The Fabric of a Global University" exhibit, showcased at The History Museum in South Bend, has been honored with the Ragan 2023 Video, Visual, and Virtual Award in the print design category. This accolade highlights the exhibit's captivating story and its profound impact, celebrating South Bend's emergence as a vibrant global community. The exhibition is a collaborative creation between Notre Dame International, The History Museum, and Notre Dame Creative

"This recognition is not just an honor but a reflection of our commitment to fostering global connections both locally in South Bend and around the world," said Michael Pippenger, vice president and associate provost for internationalization.

Pippenger added, "I am delighted the University and The History Museum joined forces to create an exhibit that highlights and celebrates the diversity and global nature of South Bend."

Launched in 2022 and expanded in April 2023 with the added feature showcasing Notre Dame's response to the war in Ukraine, the exhibit brings to life the global fabric of the University's community through photographs, artifacts, and videos. A standout piece is an artwork by Notre Dame alumna Nancy Brenner Sinnott, blending fabrics from various countries and crystals symbolizing every international student on campus.

Aiming to engage South Bend residents, highlight the importance of global ties, and encourage student participation, the exhibit includes diverse items such as a Nigerian dress, Chinese Batik stoles, and memorabilia from international events like the 1979 Mirage Bowl in Japan.

The exhibit has led to a significant rise in museum visits and program participation, prompting an extension through July 2024.

“This exhibit transcends conventional storytelling, offering visitors a transformative and immersive experience that truly deserves this recognition," said Marilyn Thompson, marketing director of The History Museum.

Ragan Communications, a prominent figure in the communication and PR sector, annually recognizes excellence in visual storytelling. The complete list of winners and their profiles can be accessed here.

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Originally published by Colleen Wilcox at on January 23, 2024.