Sustainability Spotlight: Eimear Clowry

Across the pond in the Emerald Isle, a tireless sustainability champion serves as the Senior Associate Director of Notre Dame’s Dublin Global Gateway. Since 2008, Eimear Clowry has been working to develop and implement Notre Dame’s vision and strategy in Ireland via building and promoting strategic…

Notre Dame International’s Global Citizenship Series: March 2024

In this third installment of the 2024 Notre Dame International series on how all of us in the Notre Dame community can cultivate our global citizenship skills, we feature several performances, lectures, and activities that, during the month of March, open up the world to us right here on the...
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Notre Dame GAA attends the MacGill Summer School

Notre Dame Gaelic Athletic Association President Fionn Barr ’25 writes about his club's trip, in August, to Ireland’s northern counties. In particular, the students attended the annual MacGill Summer School which, in 2023, was organized in association with the University of Notre Dame. …
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Faces of Ireland: Rosie Giglia '17

When Rosie Giglia ’17 decided to study Irish language and literature while a student at Notre Dame, she opened a world of possibilities that ultimately led her to pursue her advanced degree in neurology and clinical medicine on the Emerald Isle.
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Faces of Ireland: Mariana Silva '21

Mariana Silva ’21 has studied environmental issues all over the globe, from Ecuador to Uganda. Now, her research focus is understanding water movements in Irish bogs in hopes of restoring areas that bore the brunt of industrialized peat harvesting.
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Faces of Ireland: Mary McGraw '17

Award-winning photographer Mary McGraw '17 serves as the digital marketing and media manager at Galway International Arts Festival, one of the leading cultural events in Ireland and Europe.
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Faces of Ireland: Conal Fagan '21

Conal Fagan ’21, the first Irish native to serve as the official Notre Dame leprechaun, returned home to Ireland to continue his mission of using sports as a means for social change.