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Semester Programs

Notre Dame Dublin welcomes students across all undergraduate disciplines.

Our programs are immersive ones, allowing students to plunge independently into Irish life through Irish universities and culture, while still retaining the nurturing support typical of Notre Dame. As international students, undergraduates integrate themselves into their new universities, living and studying with Irish and international classmates, while also taking courses exploring Ireland’s history, culture and literature at O’Connell House. We emphasize learning ‘through the soles of your feet’ as our program takes students to all four corners of the island.

At our partner institutions, TCD, UCD, and DCU students study at universities with global reputations. Students are poised on the doorstep of Europe, allowing them to learn about a topic in class, and then experience it in reality. Beyond the classroom, our students immerse themselves in clubs and societies at TCD, UCD and DCU, playing on sports teams, joining debate societies and musical groups. We encourage them to become actively involved in their host universities, city, and country.

Tourism rarely captures, in its entirety, the breadth or nuances of any culture. Our semester series, Understanding Ireland, connects students with speakers with years of collective experience in education, healthcare, sporting organizations, business and religious outreach. At the end of the semester, students have the opportunity to present on their experiences, similarly focusing on Irish cultural expression or a comparative study between the United States and Ireland.

ND Dublin will advise, help and mentor students so that they will feel supported in the Notre Dame way. In Dublin, we prioritize cultural immersion, learning ‘through the soles of your feet’ and a deep dive into every aspect of Irish culture. Program field trips will introduce our students to this intimate but remarkably variegated island.

Our study abroad programs in Dublin cater to a wide variety of undergraduate experiences at Notre Dame. Below are descriptions of the three host institutions available for semester-long programs of study. Please use the links to learn more about the program(s) that best suit your plan of study.

Dublin City University (DCU)

The youngest of our partner institutions, Dublin City University, is a tech-focused institution, and students can avail of courses in their internationally recognized Schools of Computing and Business. Students majoring in Computer Science or Engineering, or Business Analytics or Business Technology can integrate themselves into an Irish cohort of university students, pursuing coursework in Engineering, Information Systems, or Data Analytics for a semester of study, while also completing core requirements. The main DCU campus is located four miles north of City Centre in Glasnevin, complemented by the recently acquired St. Patrick’s College and All Hallows campus, both of which feature impressive architecture. The new student union on the main campus building underscores the active and diverse student life available on campus with a variety of organizations exploring politics, sport and art.

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Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Founded in 1592, Trinity College Dublin occupies the site of a medieval monastic foundation at the center of Dublin. Trinity traditionally was modeled both architecturally and academically on Oxford and Cambridge. Students will have the opportunity to study in Dublin along with their Irish and international peers in rigorous courses and through a robust offering of extracurricular activities. This program is open to students of all colleges, and Trinity offers internationally acclaimed courses in English, history, politics, the pure sciences, and engineering. There is no explicit business school, but business students can pursue coursework to satisfy university requirements or those of a second major or minor. Nestled in the center of Dublin City on a charming campus, a semester at Trinity offers students the opportunity to experience university life at the heart of the Hibernian metropolis.

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University College Dublin (UCD)

University College Dublin was founded as the Catholic University of Ireland by St. John Henry Newman in 1851, before its incorporation into the National University of Ireland in the early twentieth century. It moved to a spacious green field site in the 1960s. Now by far the largest university in Ireland, UCD is home to a vibrant student experience with clubs and societies exploring everything from traditional music and dance to American football and hurling. A semester of study at UCD is open to students of all colleges, and offers access to modules in the Quinn School of Business, liberal arts, pure sciences and engineering. Located in Belfield, a suburban Dublin neighborhood about four miles or a ten-minute bus ride from City Centre, students will find a very green, spacious campus with excellent student accommodation and ample opportunities to meet and study with Irish and international students.

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